Gifts for Her
Gift for Her

Gift shopping can be hard. Shopping for a sibling, a coworker or a spouse can be overwhelming, especially during Christmas time and Birthdays. What do women want? An answer even Mel Gibson couldn’t figure out in the 2000 Rom Com. But rest assured… where Mel Gibson fails, we’re here pick up the slack with these gift ideas for her.

We’ve hand crafted a list of 16 or so awesome gifts for almost any type of woman in your life. From the master chef to the wine connoisseur, we have you covered. Here are our picks for the gifts women want in 2021, including top-rated popular items on Amazon and more.

1. Crossbody Phone Case And Wallet

brandolier for her

Every lady on-the-go needs something like this. It is a combination phone case and wallet designed with a crossbody strap that she can sling over their shoulder or across their chest and carry easily. With this in hand, she can run errands, go to the park or anywhere else she needs to get things done and easily carry her essentials such as her phone, credit cards and cash. If you’re looking for a gift that will be useful as well as cute, this is the perfect choice.

2. Trinket Dish

trinket for her

This sweet little trinket dish is the perfect gift for the lady in your life whether it’s a friend a sister or a significant other. Every woman needs a place to put her little trinkets such as her rings, favorite pairs of earrings, pins or even wireless earbuds. This stoneware container is small enough to keep on a nightstand or by the bathroom sink where it’s handy. It can also be monogrammed with her initial for a more personalized touch. 

3. Keep Going Message Bracelet

We all need a little word of encouragement to keep going when we’re out there hustling in our everyday activities, whether we’re at work, school or just living life. This cuff bracelet featuring the phrase “Keep F-ing Going” reminds the wearer to do just that. The phrase is printed on the inside of the cuff, like a secret message, while the outside is a blank, shiny silver. This is a great gift for hardcore women who just need a little push now and then to keep working toward their dreams.

4. Sugar Scrub Cubes


Lots of women enjoy using skincare products like scrubs. You can add a little fun to that idea by gifting a lady in your life with this jar of sugar cube scrubs. She just needs to add a little water to them, and then they can be scrubbed all over her body to exfoliate the dead skin away. Meanwhile, the aloe vera and shea butter ingredients will nourish her skin and make it smooth. The scent is fruity and fresh with a dash of sparkling wine. All in all, this gift will leave the person her feeling like they just got out of the spa.

5. Zodiac Constellation Necklace

This customizable zodiac constellation necklace will show the lady you gift it to how much you love and appreciate her. You can select the zodiac constellation of her birth month and the pendant will come with that group of stars imprinted on it. The pendant is a cute little gold-plated circle, and it hangs on an adjustable gold-colored chain. It’s a great choice of gift for women and girls of all ages, and a sweet reminder of your thoughtfulness and how special she is.

6. Bathtub Tray Caddy

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a nice hot bubbly bath with all your essential items at your fingertips. This bathtub tree caddy made of bamboo is the smart choice when you’re looking for a gift for your lady friend or family member. She can put her phone, tablet, drink, snack or anything else she desires on this tray caddy to use while she’s luxuriating in her bathtub at the end of a long day. It’s also a great way to show that you want her to take care of herself and relax once in a while.

7. Leopard Print Knitted Cardigan

7. Leopard Print Knitted Cardigan

Encourage your lady friend or family member to let out her inner feline with this leopard print cardigan. This soft knitted cardigan will keep her warm and cozy as well as make her the coolest cat around. The best part about a cardigan is that it can be worn all year round inside or outside. And if you get a size too large, that just means more cardigan for her to wrap herself in to keep herself even cozier.

8. Vegan Leather Tote

Every woman needs a big purse to carry around all her things. She has so many essentials: her wallet, phone, tablet, nail kit, snacks, water bottle, book and more. The best way to carry it all is with a large tote. This sleek vegan leather tote is just the ticket. It’s simple yet stylish with a slouchy shape, and it goes with just about any color or pattern. She can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, take it with her every day or just use it on trips. The possibilities are endless (much like the bottom of the bag).

9. Macarons

Ladies appreciate elegantly crafted, delicious baked goods. Macarons are a special treat, but you don’t have to go to a bakery to get them. You can order this fancy pink box of 15 different flavors from Amazon. These treats are made with the highest quality chocolate and come in a rainbow of different colors. This is the perfect gift for women who enjoy baking shows and want to try one of the most classic French desserts on the small screen.

10. Comfy (And Sexy) Pajama Set


Getting your beauty rest at night is important, but in order to get it you need to feel perfectly at peace in mind and body. This pajama set is made of a cool, breathable material that will slide smoothly across her skin and guarantee her a comfortable, itch-free night’s sleep. The lace edges add a sheen of sexiness to this set should she have a partner or just enjoys seeing that look on herself in the mirror.

11. Flower Print Workout Bag


Who says workouts have to be all sweat and grime and ugly duffel bags? Bring the beauty to the beast in the gym by gifting your lady friend this flower print workout bag. She can keep her essentials in here, such as a change of clothes and shoes, or equipment like weights. She can also repurpose it for travel and use it as a stylish duffel when she goes out of town. It’s gorgeous, feminine and yet strong and functional for her every need.

12. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Want a gift that is environmentally friendly, pretty and functional? These reusable makeup pads with their bamboo container may be the perfect choice for her. Most women wear makeup, but it’s a challenge when it comes to cleaning it off. She must use wash rags, cotton pads or Q tips. Rags can be rough to the touch, in cotton pads and Q tips are not reusable so she uses a lot of them and spends a lot of money on them every year. These makeup remover pads are reusable. She can put them in a little bag which they come with and wash them along with the rest of her clothes. It’s a good option for the environmentally conscious woman.

13. Fossil Leather Wallet

This gorgeous leather wallet by fossil is not just a stylish choice for a gift, it is also a practical one. the inner lining of this wallet contains a material which blocks scanners that a passing scammer might use to obtain your credit card information. She can keep essential items such as credit or debit cards, business cards, personal ID and cash Inside this wallet and feel safe doing so. Aside from its protective qualities, this wallet is sleek and classic, and will make an elegant addition to her ensemble.

14. Most Wonderful Time for a Beer Glass


This glass, which is made in the USA, is for a woman who loves beer and who is always hustling. The phrase printed on it, “Most Wonderful Time for a Beer,” will remind the tough lady in your life that it is indeed a wonderful time for beer. This glass full of her favorite beer might just make her day. In fact, if you pair it with a bottle or 6-pack of her favorite flavor of beer, you might make her year.

15. Moon Night Light

Give her the moon with this night light. Its realistic details based on a real topographic map of the moon by NASA will have her seeing stars. Another great feature is it’s rechargeable, so she can charge it all day and let it light up her night. It also has two light modes: soft yellow and bright white. She can also dim it to set the brightness at just the right level for her preference. This moon light can provide the perfect ambiance for an intimate evening or simply a comforting glow in the darkness.

16. ZIMASILK Pillowcase

A good night’s rest should be good for her skin, too. The ZIMASILK pillowcase is made of pure mulberry silk and feels smooth and cool to the touch. The material contains 18 different amino acids which are beneficial for hair and skin health, with the particular benefit of reducing the look of wrinkles. She deserves to feel great about herself. Moreover, she deserves to look and feel healthy. A silk pillowcase might seem like a simple gift, but it can go a long way to ensuring body positivity and a better night’s sleep.