Gifts for Her

Shopping for your sister or any family member is no easy task. If you’re like me, then this article is one of many you’ll be researching and combing through on your hunt for the perfect gift. Fortunately, there are guides like this one that can help you choose the best gift your sister will love. Browse our best selection of the top 16 gifts we recommend buying any sister birthdays, Christmas or any occasion.

1. Instant Coasters

Instant Coaster Photo Coasters

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so why not get your sister a whole set to show her how much you care? These glass Instant Coasters are made to look like Polaroid photos, with a slot in each one to add your favorite photos. All you have to do is print a few of your best family photos and you have the perfect gift!

2. Tabletop Pasta Maker


Making homemade pasta can be a challenge, but not with this traditional pasta maker. If your sister loves cooking, this gift is just the tool she needs to liven up her meals and take them to the next level. The next time your sister makes her spaghetti with fresh pasta, she’ll have you to thank!

3. Macaron Bath Bombs


These adorable Macaron Bath Bombs are made from clean, wholesome ingredients to promote rejuvenation and relaxation. They’re affordable, colorful, and great for healing. Paired with a candle and a glass of wine, your sister is guaranteed to have an incredible night of self care.

4. Morse Code Sister Bracelets

These personalized bracelets string together small dots and lines into Morse Code to spell out any secret word or message you want. Get one for each of you so that you can always carry a piece of your sister around with you, in the form of a stylish accessory!

5. Makeup Organizer


Ideal for makeup lovers in need of some organization, this portable Makeup Train Case comes with extendable drawers that can hold your sister’s extensive collection of makeup and hair products. This stylish case makes organization a breeze and even comes with a key so she can keep her products secure.

6. Wine Glass Tumblers


These rose gold stemless wine glass tumblers are the perfect way for your sister to sip her wine in style. The insulated walls will keep her chardonnay cool all day long, while also making for great Instagram photos. If your sister happens to be on the clumsier side, no problem! These stainless steel tumblers are nearly impossible to break.

7. Hair Tie Bracelet


If your sister is one of those girls who always has a hair tie on her wrist, this is just the accessory to gift her with. This stylish slip-on bangle is made with a slot to hold her favorite hair tie so it’s right where she needs it, without cutting off her circulation. The inspirational quote on the inside of the bracelet is just the icing on the cake! 

8. Macrame Photo Display


This Macrame Photo Display turns your sister’s favorite memories into wall art. It comes with 25 removable wood clips, so she can hang up as many photos and prints as she wants. Made with eco-friendly cotton cords and wood dowels, this photo organizer is sure to make the perfect addition to your sister’s home.

9. Kate Spade Umbrella


This adorable Kate Spade umbrella will have your sister actually wishing for a rainy day to come. The whole umbrella is clear for easy visibility, aside from the quirky word bubble on the front that reads “Rain Check?” Cute, functional, and the perfect gift!

10. Harry Potter Earring Set


If your sister is a Harry Potter fan, she needs this earring set in her life. Whether she’s a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, she’ll go crazy for these trendy Harry Potter-themed earrings. With three fashionable pairs, your sister will be set for nearly every day of the week.

11. Law of Attraction Life Planner


This rose-gold life planner is filled with affirmations, artwork, and goal setting guides to help your sister live her best life. This gorgeous planner makes the perfect gift for someone who wants to increase their productivity, improve their time management skills, and get a little extra help with achieving their goals.

12. At-Home Cold Brewer


Ideal for the sister who can’t get through the morning without her coffee, this cold brew coffee maker will save her countless money and gas that she would’ve spent getting her fix at Starbucks every day. If she’s more of a tea person, it works great for loose leaf tea too! Whether she’s a coffee or tea fanatic, she’ll love this Ovalware Cold Brewer. 

13. Keep Going Bracelet


We can’t always be there to give our sisters the inspiration they need during hard times, but we can give them something to remind them that we’re there in spirit. This beautiful stainless steel cuff bracelet has a secret message on the inside that only your sister can see, so she’ll always know you’re there for her.

14. Cozy Cardigan


In a time where cozy loungewear is more of a necessity than ever, this soft, cozy cardigan will keep your sister warm all winter long. It’s as stylish as it is comfortable, so she’ll never want to take it off. Whether she’s going out or staying in, this versatile cardigan works for any occasion. 

15. BrüMate Champagne Flute


Champagne flutes are typically boring, flimsy, and have a tendency of slipping right through your fingers if you’re not careful. This durable stemless champagne flute is easy to grip, shatterproof, and triple-insulated, so it’s just what your sister needs to keep her champagne at the perfect temperature. Get two so you and your sister can match in style at the next party!

16. Indoor Herb Garden


Gift your sister with the ability to grow her favorite herbs year-round. She won’t need a green thumb to grow delicious herbs with this Indoor Herb Garden, it does all the work for her! You can choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods to give your sister an awesome variety of herbs to grow.