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houswarming gifts

Moving to a new place can be anxiety-inducing but after the organizing and heavy lifting is done it’s absolutely something worth celebrating. If you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift you might be torn between a variety of fun and practical options. Fortunately for you, we’ve found an assortment of affordable housewarming gifts to make the decision process easier. 

1. Luxury Gray Throw Blanket

throw blanket housewarming

A throw blanket is the perfect addition to any apartment or home. How much more so is this version, which is grey, fluffy and made of faux fur. Its luxurious texture adds a touch of elegance to any space. The deep gray tone is neutral enough that it will coordinate with the primary color scheme, while introducing some warmth to the living room or bedroom and keeping you cozy on chilly evenings. It is also the perfect housewarming gift because it is pretty and functional at the same time.

2. Milk And Honey Candle

What better gift then a comforting scented candle to break in a new home? A candle brings warmth, ambiance and a lovely treat for a new home buyer’s senses of sight and smell. This Milk and Honey candle by Chesapeake Bay is made of a soy wax blend, with three wicks and a sweet milk and honey scent. It can help cover up those new house smells like fresh paint and newly opened furniture.

3. Unique And Elegant Large Wine Glasses

Wine glasses should be a staple in every home for entertaining as well as a cozy night in. These are a great choice because they’re not just your everyday average wine glasses. The cups are fashioned in a boxy shape as opposed to completely round like normal wine glasses. The stems are long and elegant, and easy to hold while the new homeowner sips from the glass at a cocktail party or while they’re enjoying a luxurious bath.

4. Home Latitude And Longitude Throw Pillow


Home is much more than a location, but we can still celebrate it as the center of family love and events. You can do that with this customizable pillow from Amazon. When you place your order, you can enter the location of a home and Amazon will convert that address into latitude and longitude coordinates. These are the same coordinates you will find on a map. Even if the person you give it to moves away to a different location, this throw pillow will remind them of the place they once called home and help them think of the great memories they made there.

5. Monogrammed Dish Towels


Dish towels add decorative flair to any kitchen. These towels are designed with a vintage style font and bear the initial of someone’s first or last name. It’s a great way to customize a kitchen by paying homage to the person you’re giving them to. It shows you put a little more thought into it by customizing a gift just for them. This is also a practical gift because dish towels can be used for hand drying, dish drying or just decoration. It’s also something they can take with them if they ever move to a new home.

6. Chevron Colorful Serving Bowls


This set of six porcelain serving bowls is the perfect housewarming gift. It comes with an attractive retro chic chevron pattern in multiple bright colors. The person you give this to will be able to use these serving bowls for parties or even for their everyday meals such as soups, pasta, or cereal. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe so they are easy to clean and can be used to heat up food quickly. It is an especially good gift for homeowners who work long hours and don’t want to spend much time cooking or cleaning up.

7. Decanter For Alcohol


An alcohol decanter immediately adds a splash of elegance and flair to a new home. The person you gift this too can you put any kind of alcohol in it that does not require refrigeration. It can go perfectly well with the wine glasses that we recommended earlier or other drinking vessels. If the new homeowner likes to entertain this is going to be a great gift for them because it will allow them to display their alcohol as well as give them easy access to it when guests arrive.

8. Marble Coasters With Bamboo Container


When a homeowner brings all that nice new furniture into their home, they don’t want their ice-cold drinks ruining all the finishes. That’s why coasters are a great housewarming gift. They are functional as they provide a resting place for your drink and protect your furniture from moisture, but they’re also pretty. These white marble coasters with their container made of bamboo are especially modern and chic. When the homeowner’s guests come over or they’re just chilling in their living room talking or watching TV, they can spread out the coasters as need. Then when they are done, they can put them back in the wooden holder. This keeps their space looking tidy. These coasters also come with slip resistant pads on the bottom to prevent them from sliding around your furniture. This helps prevent the coasters and the glasses from breaking.

9. Bathroom Guest Book


Who wants a boring housewarming gift? Lighten things up by gifting a new homeowner this bathroom guest book. The bathroom is one of the most well-trafficked areas in any home, and most of the people who come to visit the house will use it at least once. You can add a bit of fun and humor to a guest’s toilet tete a tete with a guest book, which they can fill out with their name and the date they were there, as well as answer a fun little questionnaire. It will also occupy their mind if whatever business they’re conducting takes a while.

10. Planter


This rose-colored planter might be just the push your new homeowner friend needs to set out some greenery in their space. A plant is a beautiful, natural touch that will brighten up any home. But first, you need a container to put it in. That’s where you can get really creative. This planter is a soothing rose color with a stunning geometric design. It’s modern, it’s fresh and it looks great in any room, from the living room to the kitchen to the office.

11. Wine Bottle Cooler


Say you’re a new homeowner and you’re entertaining some friends. You’ve broken out the wine and everyone is enjoying it. But you don’t want to have to keep taking it out of the fridge and putting it back in to keep it cool. To fix this problem, a great housewarming gift you should give the new homeowner in your life is this wine bottle cooler. It’s made of white marble, and all you have to do is keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to entertain. At that point, just take it out, put the wine bottle inside, and voila: chilled wine for the rest of the evening.

12. Macrame Photo Hanging Display


Every home needs photos of family and friends to encourage a warm and loving atmosphere full of great memories. This macrame-style display is a cute way to display your precious photographs. It comes with 25 wood clips which you can use to affix your photos to the hanging pieces on the display. The color of the hanging pieces is ivory, a lovely shade that goes with just about any other color. This display also shows a lot of photos without taking up much room, so if your friend or family member’s new home is lacking in wall space, this might be the perfect choice for your gift.

13. Black Felt Letter Board


A letter board is a fun way to leave messages around the home. These messages can be reminders, inspiring quotes or phrases like, “I love you” and “Have a great day!” Help spread positivity throughout your friend or family member’s new home by gifting them this felt letter board. The background is black, and the letters are white, and it’s set against a wooden frame, so it looks like a chalkboard. It also comes with a little bag to keep the letters safely stored away when not in use.

14. First Home Ornament


Everyone loves their first holiday season in their new home. This ornament is a great gift for a new homeowner, especially around the winter holidays. This wooden “key” can be customized with the year your friend or family member moved into their new house. It can be hung on a tree, near a fireplace or just on the wall as a year-round decoration. It’s a cute, inexpensive present that brings cheer and makes a good memory for future years in the home.

15. Home State-Shaped Cutting Board


Where’s your state pride? If your friend or family member who’s buying a new home has it, this is the perfect housewarming gift for them. Just choose the state they live in and then order a wooden cutting board in the shape of that state. In addition to being functional and able to be used in the kitchen every day, it will become a talking piece at future get-togethers. If the new homeowner doesn’t need a cutting board, that can use this item as a serving tray.

16. You’re Like, Really Pretty Doormat


Is the new homeowner in your life a movie buff? If so, they will probably appreciate this doormat which features the quote, “You’re like, really pretty” from Mean Girls (2004). Not only is this a fun gift, it’s also a great message for guests. Who doesn’t want to be told that they look pretty before they go inside their friend or family member’s home? And the homeowner, as well, will appreciate a pick-me-up before they even walk in the door after a long day at work or school.

17. Funny Oven Mitt


Everyone needs a little humor in their lives. For that new homeowner who appreciates a little spice, too, this oven mitt is the perfect housewarming present. Not only will it give them a few laughs, but it may also give them some extra confidence in the kitchen while they’re whipping up something “f-ing delicious.” The style of the cartoon drawing is vintage, so if they’re interested in retro designs that throwback to decades gone by, this oven mitt will fit right into their décor.

18. Bocce Ball Set


This housewarming gift is for new homeowners who have a lot of outdoor space. This game is perfect for parties and doesn’t take up much room while it’s stored in its traveling case. The object is simple: roll the larger balls (or bocce) across the lawn to get as close as possible to small white ball, which is positioned some distance away. The team who gets more of their bocce close to the small white ball wins. It’s fun, encourages teamwork and gets people outdoors into the fresh air.

19. Wine Label Giftset

What better way to mark a special occasion than by opening a special bottle of wine? You can help commemorate your friend or family member’s move into their new home by gifting them a bottle of wine with a celebratory label attached to it. This label set comes with different phrases like “Home Sweet Home: New Home, New Adventure, New Memories.” Once they drink the wine, they can keep the bottle as a reminder of the happy event.